A Letter From Our Executive Director


Hello Members and Friends – 
It is hard to believe that it’s just been two weeks since we have amended our way of life. The perception of time is skewed by the absence of the “the little things,” whether tasks or simple pleasures, but nonetheless intimate interactions with the world. We are coming to realize now more than ever how much we depend upon human interaction, connection to the wider community and the social networks that shape our lives. 
As creative and adaptable beings we are replicating our social contact online. It is amazing to see some of the most technologically-challenged people and organizations suddenly become proficient users of technology. While financial markets have been walloped by the COVID-19 outbreak, stock in companies like Zoom, a video communications service, is soaring. YouTube is having to revert its videos to “standard” from “high-def” during heavy use of its product to free-up more internet space and accommodate the increase in global traffic the pandemic has caused. Wild. 
At NYA we’re taking the opportunity to “meet people where they are” and up our digital game as well. For example, we’ve revamped our website to be cleaner and easier to navigate. This will roll out over the coming days, so keep an eye out! Also, starting next week we’re offering a free “Financial Fitness” series online (delivered through Zoom) to help address a topic that is on the minds of many of us these days: financial well-being. Check out the details HERE. And we’ll continue to bring you a variety of workouts, classes, and kid’s activities through our social media channels, then archive them on our new website under the “Virtual” tab on the menu bar so you can access these great resources whenever you want. 
But let us not forget! Nothing replaces the wonderful chemistry when we are physically present with others and making regular use of the organizations and establishments that are such an important part of our lives. We know that one day we will enjoy one another’s company and return to the schools, workplaces, houses of worship and businesses that define our lives. In glad anticipation of that day during this time of social distancing we’ve been doing some sprucing up here at NYA with fresh coats of paint, cleaning, and reorganization. We’ll be ready with open arms when that moment comes. 
And finally this: when you can, where it is responsible and safe, share with others the connection that can only be experienced person to person. Smile and wave when you pass someone walking on a path or street, hold a conversation with your neighbor from front lawn to front lawn, ask the cashier what their name is and how they’re doing when you’re checking-out at the grocery store. The picture below that my wife captured of our daughter Eliza sending her love to our 90+ year old neighbor this week sums up what we all need from each other. Zoom is cool, but it definitely can’t warm your heart like an exchange with someone who is right there.  

Stay active and be well!
Yours in good health,
Ian Yorty  Executive Director