Track and Field


Upcoming Track and Field Programs

NYA Run Club

Come get out and run with us on Thursday nights at 6pm! Whether you’re a beginner, experienced runner, or anywhere in between, we want you to join our running community! Our run leaders will guide different groups based on pace levels and distance goals. We welcome all members of the community to participate (just need to sign a waiver). Meet-up spot is the patch of grass in between the 2 NYA parking lots.

NYA’s Executive Director Ian Yorty and “miles junkie” Keith Hoffman will team up as the run leaders for the inaugural Spring 2021 season. Between the two of them they’ve covered thousands of miles participating in everything from 5k’s to 100 mile ultra races. They love to talk training, gear, nutrition, goal setting and race planning, and are excited to share their enthusiasm with others. More than anything they just love getting out in nature and moving the body by putting one foot in front of the other.

Who: Runners and anyone interested in running
Day/Time: Thursdays at 6pm
Dates: 4/22 – 5/27
Price: Free! Pre-Registration is required though!

NYA Run Club

Whether you’re a track and field competitor, sports athlete, or recreational runner; running is a fundamental skill that is needed to perform. Efficient running is a learned technique that requires intentional practice. In this program Coach George Ferris and his team of National Junior Olympic competitors will focus participants on speed development, lateral movement, acceleration drills, injury prevention, and flexibility. The sum of these contribute to being a faster and more well-rounded athlete.

Who: Boys & Girls U18
Day/Time: Sundays from 12pm – 1pm
Dates: 4/25 – 5/23
Price: $100

The Field

Our indoor turf field is outfitted to suit all your track & field training needs.  We have a 72 yards x 45 yards turf to accommodate any combination of running, jumping, & throwing.