Strength Lab Class Pass

A combination of strength & conditioning classes that will push your training to another level.
These classes are in a small group setting so participants will get more individualized instruction.
Purchase a package for 10 classes and use for any of the below classes. 
More classes being added soon!


TRX KETTLEBELL is a bodyweight and kettle bell based workout that adds a different dimension to training, as they target the deep internal core stabilizers. You have to work harder to maintain balance with the kettlebell, and the TRX encourages a plank position for the exercises. You’re in a moving plank the entire time. These are excellent tools to challenge yourself and keep your muscles guessing! The workout is completed circuit-style, moving quickly from one set of exercises to the next. 

Tuesday 9:15am-10:15am


BARBELL BOOTCAMP is a Strength based class that incorporates a variety of strength modules. Barbells, Dumbells, Kettle Bells, Medcine balls, Sandbags, Etc. Just come ready to challenge yourself and NYA’s trainers will give you a full body workout that incorporates a variety of styles that includes Strength, Core, & Conditioning 

Saturday 8am-9am

Dates: Continuous – Launching 4/5/22
Price: $225/10 Pack ($25 drop-in)