The Court

Pickleball is a fun and social sport that people of all ages can play. It’s very easy to learn and it’s a great way to be active!

We have capacity for up to 6 state-of-the-art Mondo floor courts with a privacy curtain wrapping around them. Our nets are regulation height and courts have regulation lines and marks.

Court availability will be listed on the EZ Facility Self Service Portal where players can view the most update times to play. Daily play can be purchased at a $10 drop-in rate or a Pickleball 20 Pack for $50.


Current Pickleball Programs

Pickleball Open play

Open Pickleball Play occurs Monday – Friday from 8am – 3pm and Tuesday/Thursday Evenings from 6:00pm – 9:00pm (Times are subject to change based on Holidays and Events).  During this time, players can come and play on the available courts.  Play is “self governed” by the players in attendance and in accordance with NYA’s Open Play Guidelines.  If there are no players waiting and /or open courts, players can continue to play with their group and stay on their court.  To play, players must maintain a Pickleball Open Play Package at a cost of $50.  This includes 20 days of play or purchase a Single Use Day Pass for $10.  Either package can be used for any Open Play time below.

Please note that we are following the USAPA Return to Play Guidelines and have reduced the number of courts to 4 and capping player attendance to 25 at a time. We will continuously evaluate demand and participation, and if needed implement pre-registration and 1-hour time slots to accommodate all.

 Weekday Open Court (2 Hour Intervals)
• Monday – Friday
• 8am – 3pm

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings (1.5 Hour Intervals)
• Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

• $50 For 20 Days Of Play or $10 For Single Use Day Pass

Beginners Pickleball

Are you “pickleball curious?” Never picked-up a paddle, new to the game and looking for a friendly, supportive environment to learn the game of pickleball? Local legend herself and official USAPA Newtown Pickleball Ambassador Jan Brown will instruct players during this weekly timeslot which is dedicated to beginners. These sessions are run simultaneously with the Open Pickleball Play, so players can network with the local pickleball crowd and once comfortable, get their feet wet in the open play games.

Day: Thursdays
Dates:  Begins 11/12/2020 And Is Ongoing
Time: 8am – 11am
Price: $50 For 20 Days Of Play Or $10 For Drop In