Pickleball Leagues

NYA Junior Pickleball

For juniors who would like to learn the fun and booming game of Pickleball. Participants will be taught the fundamental strokes and shots; such as Dink Shots, Serves/Returns, Volleys, and Drive Shots. They will also acquire an understanding for scoring, and positioning and strategy to play a doubles match. Young players will then be able to join in this exciting multigenerational game with their parents and grandparents.

Who: Boys and Girls ages 9 – 16 yrs. old

Day: Tuesday or Thursday


  • 1/11/22 – 2/15/22 – Tuesday
  • 1/13/22 – 2/17/22 – Thursday

Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Price: $120/session

NYA is an official IPTPA Junior Pickleball training center

pickleball newtown ct 2021 fall winter

Fun Instructional League

This league is a fun and instructional format for Advanced Beginners and Low Intermediate players who are still gaining experience with Matchplay. This league will enable new players to compete in a comfortable environment while also learning: proper positioning with your partner, scoring and rules, and doubles strategy. With the Round Robin structure you will meet new Pickleball friends through 2, 40-minute rotations each night. Play will be facilitated by 1 of our IPTPA Certified Instructors and/or Pros.

Day:  Tuesdays


  • 1/4/22 – 2/22/22 (3/1/22 is weather make-up date)


  • Day Session: 9am – 11am 
  • Evening Session: 7pm – 9pm

Price: $169 / Session

NYA Pickleball Flex League

Competitive League for Intermediate/Advanced Levels of Play (2.5 to 3.5+) where Statistics will be kept. Players are expected to play every week moving up and down the ladder depending upon the prior week’s performance. If you can’t commit fully to the League, we can put you on our sub list so that you can play part time.

Day: Wednesday (Evening) 


  • 1/5/22 – 2/23/22 (3/2/22 is weather make-up date) – Evening


  • Evening Session: 7pm – 9pm

Price: $169 / Session

Pickleball Open Play

Weekday Open play

NYA’s Open Pickleball Play occurs Monday – Friday, 8am – 3pm and Thursday evening, 7pm – 9pm (times are subject to change based on Holidays and Events). During this time players can come and play on the available courts. Play is “self-governed” by the players in attendance.If there are no players waiting and/or open courts, players can continue to play with their group and stay on their court. If there are people waiting to play it is expected that players work together to rotate each other in, so everyone is able to participate.

To play, players must maintain a Pickleball Open Play Package. New for this year, there will be separate packages for daytime and evening. Single Use Play Passes can also be purchased for $10. Players are strongly encouraged to pre-register for their desired timeslot to secure their spot. Player capacities are determined for each 2 hour slot based on the number of courts available. Players are expected to transition off the courts when their scheduled timeslot has ended, to allow the next registered group to start their session on time. 

*Additional Open Play times may be added last minute as court availability permits. Please click the “Register Online” buttton below to see the most up to date calendar.*

*Below Times and Prices go into effect 9/1/2021.


  • Daytime: Monday – Friday, 8am – 3pm
  • Evening: Thursday, 7pm – 9pm


  • Daytime
    • $49, 10 Play Package
  • Evening
    • $79, 10 Play Package
  • Drop-In
    • $10, Single Play Pass

Beginners Pickleball

Are you “pickleball curious?” Never picked-up a paddle and/or new to the game and looking for a friendly, supportive environment to learn the game of pickleball? Come join us on a Thursday for an “Intro to Pickleball” session. One of NYA’s IPTPA instructors/pros will help get you started and connect you with other available clinics, leagues, and programs that match your level of play. Newtown’s USAPA Pickleball Ambassador also regularly attends these sessions to facilitate networking amongst players and promote the growth of the game in our community.

*These sessions run from November – April primarily and are subject to instructor availability.

Day: Thursday

Time: 9:00am – 11:00am


  • 10 Play Package: $49
  • Single Play Pass: $10

    *Players must pre-register to secure spot and are able to attend 1 “Intro to Pickleball” session.

Pickleball Private Instruction

Private Lesson
(1 Player)
Semi-Private Lesson
(2 Players)
Small Group Clinic
(3-4 Players)
1 Hour $80/player $45/player $35/player
1.5 Hours $115/player $65/player $45/player
2 Hours $150/player $80/player $55/player

"The fastest growing sport in north america"

Pickleball is a fun and social sport that people of all ages can play. It’s very easy to learn and it’s a great way to be active!

We have capacity for up to 6 state-of-the-art Mondo floor courts with a privacy curtain wrapping around them. Our nets are regulation height and courts have regulation lines and marks.

Court availability will be listed on the EZ Facility Self Service Portal where players can view the most update times to play. Daily play can be purchased at a $10 drop-in rate or a Pickleball 10 Pack for $49.


Meet Our Coaches

Robert Salvador

Robert L. Salvador, a.k.a, “Coach Bob” brings 40+ years of teaching/instructing experience to the NYA. Bob is a member of the International Pickleball Teaching Association (IPTPA) as a Certified Pickleball Teaching Instructor L-1, as well as IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist -4 (CRS-4).