Not your ordinary after-school care!

NYA’s Play+ Learning lives on! Kids loved it, parents loved it, teachers loved it, and WE loved it; so, NYA is evolving Play+ Learning in order to continue to meet the needs of Newtown’s current learning model. Students from the Newtown Elementary and Reed Schools are greeted off the bus by our Play+ Learning staff.  Their time here is split between guided academic work from school, and burning excess energy through active play time with our Play+ Counselors.


Play+ is NYA’s flagship programming format for children grades K – 6. Our trained and ENGAGING coaches lead kids through games, sports, creative play, artistic play, and more. NYA offers options for after school programs, school holidays, and early dismissal days. Here’s what’s coming up; click the links for info and registration!



October at NYA

Wellness Wednesday Early Dismissal Package

Middle School period 8

middle school Newtown ct

The Middle School Period 8 program is designed to help parents navigate the evolving school schedule this Fall. Students will be able to take bus transportation to NYA each day, where they will be supervised in a classroom while they finish their Period 7 requirements virtually. When school is officially dismissed at 2:32pm, the students will transition into the scheduled program/activity (Period 8) for the day. Programs will officially begin at 3pm. Registering for the programs independent of the transportation and learning portion is available however, in order to access the transportation and learning supervision, students must be registered in one of the NYA programs. There are only 15 spots available each day.

middle school period 8 schedule

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youth martial arts in CT

Martial Arts

This Martial Arts class is a modern version of Tang Soo Do incorporating other styles for a complete program. Students will focus onlearning life skills, functional fitness and self-defense throughout the course of the program. Students will also learn martial arts concepts, techniques and drills to earn belt rank working toward the ultimate goal of becoming a black belt.

Day: Monday
Dates: 11/2 – 12/21
Time:  3pm – 4pm
Who: Middle School Students


Detailed coaching and all-encompassing performance training. Speed, Strength, agility, injury prevention, flexibility, balance, and more. This is a small group class that covers all aspects of sports performance and fitness.

Day:  Tuesday / Thursday
Dates: 11/3 – 12/17 (No class on 11/26)
Time:  3pm – 4pm
Who: Middle School Students

Basketball / fitness

Students will be able to work out in the Fitness Center and/or play basketball in the gymnasium. If the child is an active NYA membership holder, there is only the additional cost of the transportation and supervised learning time.

Day:  Wednesday / Friday
Dates: 11/4 – 12/18 (No class on 11/27)
Time:  3pm – 4pm
Who: Middle School Students