Play+ Learning – Supporting Parents, Students, and Educators

The NYA Play+ Learning program is a resource designed to support parents, students, and educators under the Newtown Public School education models- including in-person, hybrid, and remote.

The program is designed to:

Afterschool Wednesdays

Lock in some fun, energetic playtime on Wednesdays.  Students leave school early for half day Wednesdays, and they come straight on the bus to PLAY+ here at NYA.  Bus transportation from Newtown Public Schools is included!

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NYA’s Play+ Learning program is a dedicated resource to support local families and the community through the Newtown Public School system. Students will be supervised in a classroom setting at the NYA on their “remote” learning days by staff members and coaches who will help facilitate the children’s online school schedules. Periods of gym time will be incorporated during the day to provide an appropriate balance of screen time and physical activity.

Newtown Public School students and staff member children

The NYA Play+ Learning program is a resource designed to support parents, students, and educators under Newtown Public School education models – including in-person, hybrid, & virtual.

The program is designed to:

  • Provide working parents with a safe, reliable, and valuable solution for the current learning landscape;
  • Provide students supervised time, space, and connectivity to accomplish online learning;
  • Provide students with physical activity throughout the days and weeks to help balance increased screen time, stimulate mental agility, and promote overall health.

The daily outline for Play+ Learning will be a blend of Learning Time and Physical Activity.

  • Learning Time: Each student’s learning time will be guided by their individual online learning schedule provided by their teacher. NYA staff will use each student’s schedule to help log them onto their live meetings and work through assigned activities. Students will use their school-provided devices to connect to their specific learning platforms and modules. These sessions will take place in one of our classrooms where 6-foot tables will seat up to 2 students (1 at each end). These sessions will be monitored by NYA staff who will deliver a quiet environment and assist students to the best of their ability with technical and work-related questions. It is important to note that NYA staff are not educators and the parents/ teachers/ students need to be prepared with their goals and assignments each day. Parents and students are responsible for ensuring the completion of the curriculum. The Learning Time each day will be as productive as the student is prepared..
  • Physical Activity: Each day will start at 8:30am with a 45-minute sport, game, and/or activity similar to gym class and other NYA Multi-Sport/Play+ Camp activities. Staff will coordinate a mid-day physical activity period based on the student’s online schedules. The day will end with a final group physical activity period once all students have logged-off for the day. Additionally, NYA coaches will identify opportunities throughout the day to pull kids individually or in small groups for mini Brain Breaks – keeping the kids moving and non-sedentary!

Play+ Learning offered 5 days a week (Monday – Friday). Sign up for specific days or the entire week!

8:30am – 4pm (Early drop-off available for $5/day at 8am)

Varies based on options


Play+ is our flagship program for children grades K – 6. Our engaging and energetic coaches lead kids through games, sports, creative play, artistic play, and more. NYA offers options for after school programs, school holidays, and early dismissal days.

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