Home Workout Hacks

Working out at home can feel overwhelming and often times it is hard to imagine getting a good workout without the proper gym equipment. Well, our trainers are very creative, and they won’t let you get off that hook that easily! Workout equipment can be all around your home already, and you didn’t even realize it!

Trainer Susan’s Home Weight Cheat Sheet

1 lb Hand Weight = Water Bottle
4.5 lb Kettle Bell = 60 oz Laundry Detergent Jug
8 lb Weight = Gallon of Milk or Water

If you want to build an affordable, multi-function home gym that can give you a great variety of exercise options, here is our list of the BEST Amazon items to get you burning fat & having fun right at home!

Mini Resistance Bands: GYMBANDIT – Set of 5 Premium-Quality Resistance Bands with Bag – Tone Legs and Glutes at Home or at The Gym 

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Etoplus Resistance Bands – Set of 5 Exercise Bands, Resistance Loops Workout Bands for Physical Therapy, Legs, Butt, Home Fitness, Yoga, Stretching with Instruction Manual & Carry Bag 

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Resistance Bands with Handles: Whatafit Resistance Bands Set, Exercise Bands with Door Anchor, Handles, Waterproof Carry Bag, Legs Ankle Straps for Resistance Training, Physical Therapy, Home Workouts 

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TRX: TRX Suspension Training: (Optional, but very useful) Home Gym in a Box | Full Body Workout Solution for Any Level | Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Improve Cardio | Free Workouts Included 

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