A Letter From Our Executive Director

“Have Fun & Enjoy The Ride”

Hello Members and Friends –
I just reread The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon – a lighthearted parable of life – which I first read a couple of years ago and loved, with its presentation of life principles told through a relatable, easy to read, story about a man named George who is emotionally lost.  When I saw the bright orangey – yellow cover sitting on my shelf recently, I thought, “Yeah, now would be a good time to revisit George.  A shot of positive energy would be welcomed.”  I always find it reassuring when the messages in a book, podcast, song, whatever, lineup with the current life circumstances – time and time again.  I’m sure that’s the case more often than not since we are often in search of answers and comfort when we turn to these things and will naturally find ways to draw the parallels, but I believe it is also validation of good artistry as the lessons presented can stand the test of time – the true critic.  I’d love to know what books or songs give you the extra boost in challenging times.

In one of the last chapters of the book George is enlightened by his “savior,” a transit bus driver (appropriately) named Joy, on the 10th and final rule to “having the ride of your life.” That’s the takeaway I’d like to share with you this week.  We’ve all heard this “rule” before, but the simplicity of it makes it so elusive.  “Have fun and enjoy the ride.”  Duh!, who doesn’t want this?  Who goes through life and says, “I want to be miserable?”  I’m pretty sure next to nobody, but there is this thing called fear that every human experiences.  As Joy said to George, “We all have fear but the key to success is that your trust is bigger than your fear.  A little fear is good but it is weak energy.  It runs out.  Trust is the high octane fuel that will take your bus where it needs to go.” 

Joy goes on to explain how people tend to focus on the stresses in our lives to the extent that we get numb to the things we really care about and are grateful for.  Now, there are stresses and I’m not downplaying the gravity of the health and financial status the world is facing at this moment, but I know we can all find countless blessings we can intentionally focus on.  And that is the trick, to be purposeful.  The way you build the momentum of trust that Joy describes that will eradicate fear, is through discipline and practice.  As I mentioned in my letter 2 weeks ago, practicing gratitude on a daily basis is critical!  An easy way to begin building the spiritual muscle memory is to start each day by jotting down just one thing you are thankful for.  After a week, read back through each item of gratitude.  Do this again after two weeks, after a month, and especially at times when you’re feeling down or lost.  It will start to create a tectonic shift of energy inside of you and the more you exercise this routine the more you will naturally start to see the good in your world and move through the onset of fear, anxiety, and sadness more effectively.  This is the real deal.  It works!

As you sharpen your “gratitude senses and awareness” you consequently enjoy your “ride” more.  You’ll begin to view the world around you in color, not black and white.  Things are challenging for all of us.  We’re wired to be on alert and think about worst case scenarios and danger.  Joy’s advice to George reminds us that we have a choice and the ability to push these tendencies in another direction, so we don’t miss this one and only ride we get.  She bluntly says, “The day you die you will still have 30 or 40 emails in your inbox that will not be answered.  You’ll never get it all done so you might as well relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride.”      

And I highly recommend The Energy Bus as our world needs more energy ambassadors.  You find practical principles for living whether you’re the leader or participant of an organization, team, classroom, household, church, business, whatever!  If you interact with people in any capacity, you will come to realize the potential you have to make a positive impact on yourself and others through the timely message of this book.      

Stay active and be well!
Yours in good health,
Ian Yorty  Executive Director