Our sports training programs are scientifically designed programs that have been used by Professional, Collegiate, and Olympic Athletes. The primary difference with our programs and some of the traditional fitness programs is that our programs focus on training movement, not muscles. Our goal is to enhance the performance of the body while decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Our system begins with building a strong functional base by focusing on balance, flexibility, body control, and strong intrinsic (core) muscles before addressing strength and power.

Our athletes will be stronger, faster, quicker, and more explosive but more importantly their bodies will be capable of expressing these attributes safely and effectively.

Except for track athletes, just teaching kids to run fast doesn’t mean anything if you can’t teach them how to stop and turn.

Over the last decade we have worked with some of the elite athletes in this country and have helped produce phenomenal results for sports teams and individual athletes. More recently we developed a reputation for safely teaching and then producing results with hundreds of high school and middle school athletes in Fairfield County.

Our training philosophy with kids: Anyone can work hard. Creating the programs that are safe, challenging and efficient is the challenge. You need a complete understanding of the hormonal, physical, psychological, and gender differences of adolescence and pre-adolescence.

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Memberships start at $34/mo. Call 426-0088 ext 111 or email us at membership@nyasportsfitness.com for plan options.