Newtown Moo Duk Kwan is a traditional Korean martial arts school focusing on the art of “Soo Bahk Do” or “Hand Strike Way.” Students will become skilled in effective self-defense techniques combining use of the hands and feet. We emphasize mental and physical aspects of training, including key principles such as discipline, respect, confidence, determination, courage and self-control.

Other Aspects of Training - Flexibility, breathing, endurance, mental and physical development, stress relief and more!

The Moo Duk Kwan (a brotherhood and school of stopping inner/outer conflict and developing virtue according to the way of the worthy hand) is not a sport. It is a classic martial art with the purpose to develop every aspect of self in order to create a mature individual who integrates intellect, body, emotions and spirit. Through this integration one will be free of internal conflict and be prepared to deal with the outside world in a mature, intelligent, forthright and virtuous manner. It is an art based on respect for all life.

The Program

TINY TOTS (Ages 5-6)

TINY TOTS (Ages 5-6)

Our tots program provides students fundamental skills in the martial arts while developing focus, discipline, self-control concentration and a positive attitude. We emphasize respect to our parents, teachers and fellow students as well as stressing the importance of saftey and conflict resolution. Students are by evaluation only and may require private instruction prior to entering regular classes.

CHILDREN (Ages 7-11 )

A balance of physical and mental training developing self-confidence, balance, respect and discipline. Students will improve overall physical fitness and focus, supporting other sports-related activities and academics. Emphasis on self-defense and life skills in a fun, positive, learning environment.


High energy classes for a great workout while integrating our arts principles and techniques. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, our instruction is tailored to your capabilities. Students will increase flexibility, endurance mental health and technique while lowering stress.


A great way to have fun with your child, while helping them learn better balance, coordination, focus and social interaction. A caring instructor guides you and your child towards these goals.


Private instruction.

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